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Slim down AND Eat Halloween Candy!


Perhaps you have walked into the grocery store lately, or Walmart, or Target, or one from the big drugstore chains?

For those who have you most likely have seen bigger, fuller, more Halloween candy displays than you've ever observed in your life!It's a total candyrama!
What does that mean to total, out-of-control candy lovers? It means lida daidaihua old you could be in for a whole lot of out-of-control candy eating, a whole lot of guilt, maybe more candy-eating and probably followed by a serious self-beat up session.
When the episode has ended you are not stronger. You're mad at yourself and fearing the next "eating holiday" that happens to be coming up fast - Thanksgiving! That pretty much predicts that Thanksgiving isn't going to go well either. If Halloween and Thanksgiving are busts, the holiday season isn't looking very slenderizing either. It's possible you'll end up as another holiday putting on weight statistic.
You are able to face your Halloween candy fears and become victorious.
You can decide how much candy you need to have and how to fit it into your weight loss food plan and make it happen without losing control. The truth is you "don't lose control," you "give away your control." Change your mindset. You're not a target. You're a victor!
A victory puts you in a good position for future victories. Think of Halloween candy as practicing a marathon. Thanksgiving will be another work out, as well as your training is progressive. Start slow (with Halloween) and make your skills (with Thanksgiving) and stamina!
Have no fear the candy. It tastes good and it's okay to savor a few pieces!
*Don't eat it when you're hungry or get it and put it on to your teeth simply because it's there.*Be selective. Choose whenever you will indulge, preferably for a sweet, little dessert treat following a good meal.*Pick carefully and eat it slowly so you get maximum enjoyment from this.*Change your self-talk. Don't say to yourself, "I never should have had the first piece because now I can't stop," or "I knew I was hooked on candy and I need to finish this bag because I've lost control." Do say (and express it as if you mean it, because you really do mean it, "I ate enough to satisfy me. I've had all I would lida daidaihua new like!"*Have some alternate activities planned if you feel you will possibly not have the ability to resist consuming more candy. Toothbrushing, brisk walk, putting the candy wayyyyy *out of sight and reach, dancing, singing, etc.*Feel the force, power, and control you're building from eating just a little candy within the context of the weight loss program!


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