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Rapid weight loss isn't a quick fix


We are quite literally inundated with new methods to lose weight: from Lord Falconer's rather bizarre apples and diet coke plan to Reese Witherspoon's 'only baby food' diet. These obviously obtain the intended results, rapid weight loss with minimal effort to be the key.
Everywhere you go you will see Te Chino Dr Ming's Herbal Tea pictures of beautiful people doing beautiful things whilst poking fun at a salad or giggling at a glass of water. Pressure and guilt to shed weight is prevalent and the media is much more than pleased to publicise how so-and-so lost her baby weight Twenty minutes following childbirth, or how this old fat man is now a classic thinner man in just a week.
What's often understated would be the medical risks to those drastic regimes. Actors are the most obvious example of this. Christian Bale for example, starving himself for that film The Machinist and wearing the pounds for American Hustle. The media will glorify these radical changes yet never offer advice on how to approach this yourself in a healthy way, without the expensive nutritionists and private trainers.
In May 2010 I weighed 16 . 5 stone, in October 2010 I weighed 12 stone. Over 4 months I crash lost 4 . 5 stone. My secret? Apples and diet coke? Babyfood? A fitness center? Nope, a proper dose of mental illness, eating too much coffee and cigarettes along with a nightcap of the vat of rum. Extreme dieting when done correctly with the help of medical professionals could be fantastic, but quick weight loss just through as being a moron is extremely detrimental for your health.
Yep, see that idiot.
Negative effects for this kind of weight reduction include: Muscle loss, dehydration, fatigue, gallstones, a weakened immune system, possible heart disease and hair thinning. You heard right, even hair will try to flee this awful situation you have inflicted upon yourself. It is also worth remembering that slimming down once doesn't keep your weight off, more often than not the weight will pile on quicker than usual afterwards as the body starves for just about any nutrients.
I felt fantastic for some weeks. I had been happy in my own body, I began getting attention in ways I'd never experienced before. I became popular, I obtained an ego and thought, after many years to be made fun of, teased and ridiculed in my weight, which i had managed to get in to the beautiful people club.
One thing to go were my wrists. Twinges in my nerves leading to loss of feeling within my forefinger and thumb. The doctor put me in wrist splints for a month. Initially believing so that it is carpal tunnel syndrome, he sent me going. After a couple of weeks I'd lose feeling in my hands every couple of days for an hour or more. Then my ankles went. Because of losing a lot weight so quick I hadn't burned up fat, I'd burned up muscle. Being in this type of physical job as I was, my body system was running on empty and merely started giving up one limb at a time. Then my knees went. I still need to wear knee braces basically want to go running or do anything physical as they will undoubtedly collapse underneath me.
I never knew this may be a problem from weight loss. I felt like my body system was rejecting me. My defense mechanisms went to shit, my bones were fragile. I broke my right ankle from the simple fall 30 days, when that healed I got a hairline fracture in my foot. It had been like playing awful body top trumps. From doctor's appointment to doctor's appointment, referral to referral, doctors experienced various theories, but never truly got to the issue.
A few years down the road my body system continues to be trying to reject me, however with an effective diet, iron, protein, and vitamins I wasn't receiving back then I am slowly getting my limbs to obey me again. Whilst my weight loss is not a typical rapid diet, it still goes by the same rules, and without correct medical help, advising whether the dietary plan fits your needs can often mean a myriad of medical conditions await you.
This type of drastic switch to your body can be as unhealthy as obesity, not to mention that you'll be grey, sweaty and also have the bowels of an 80 year old man. Beauty is something that people will destroy their bodies for, and not to become too sentimental but could it be worth it? The majority would agree. With society shaming anyone deemed to become overweight, plus sized models still being thinner than bamboo and tabloid newspapers picking apart those brave enough to show any skin there is not really Paiyouji Plus Tea a simple win here.
It's an ignored responsibility by mainstream media when advertising new dietary fads to exhibit both sides. The only advice I can think to be relevant is that this: exercise is bloody awful, but it's still probably your best best! Very low calorie diets are the safest quick weight loss diet available, but simply be sensible together.
Anyway you probably look pretty damn good as you are at this time. Except you.


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