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Five Seasons Family Sports Club in Burr Ridge


Five Seasons '30 for 30 Holiday Lishou Challenge' Benefits Participants, Toys For Tots

Five Seasons Family Sports Club in Burr Ridge has a proposition for anybody seeking to go against the grain this holidays: slim down as well as in the process, obtain a opportunity to win some significant holiday shopping money.

Through its Second Annual "30 For 30 Holiday Challenge," here's how it works: between Nov. 20 and Dec. 19, everyone who enters the contest will try to shed weight through a combination of increased exercise and sensible diet choices.

Each participant donates $30 to enter the task. Half of the money goes toward Toys for Tots and yet another half is set aside for that individual that loses the best percentage of his or her weight.

Participants get weighed in throughout a three-day period prior to the challenge begins on Thursday, November 20th. Participants get weighed again around the contest's final day, December 19th.

Along the way, participants can take part in a single pre-scheduled small group work out each week.

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Last year's winner, Michelle Fischer, lost one-sixth of her weight and cumulatively, when tallying the load lost by the approximately 30 participants, hundreds of pounds were shed. The 2013 effort also raised $400 worth of toys for kids influenced by the Washington, Ill. tornado the previous month.

Frequently, people put on at least a pound or two throughout the holidays, said Fitness Director Erik Knowles. "With this contest, we are Magic Slim actively looking to combat that pattern," said Knowles.

You don't need to become a club member to enter the contest and to take part in the group classes. To register, please call the club at 630-570-5200 or visit the front desk.


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