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Difficulty conceiving spurs yummy Roscommon mummy to decrease the pounds to welcome baby boy


23-year-old Sarah Jane Kenny's wait to become mum came to an end once she launched into the Slimming World plan, losing six stone in 6 months

Yummy mummy Sarah Jane Kenny Magic Slim joined Slimming World to lose weight and gained a beautiful healthy baby - and she couldn't be happier.
The 23-year-old seems like a brand new woman since losing 6st, and in fact she's changed a lot that people who she hasn't seen for a while failed to recognise her.
Sarah Jane, from Boyle, Co Roscommon, have been overweight for as long as she could remember, making her confirmation at age 12 weighing 12st and wearing size 18 women's clothes.
She said: "My weight was placing a huge strain on my health, my back was always sore and that i struggled to walk for even 5 minutes.
"However, probably the most devastating thing of was it affected my ability to conceive.
"My partner Daniel and that i were longing to start a household and tried for any baby unsuccessfully for 18 months, my doctor told me that I required to slim down to improve my likelihood of becoming pregnant. I felt guilty and blamed myself.
"My self-confidence was low too. I would not shop with friends or out socialising, I had been really paranoid about my weight and I didn't prefer to go out.
"It even affected my relationship with my lady - I'd never even allow him to see my stomach before since i am self-conscious.
"I worried how I'd cope basically did fall pregnant because doctors would need to examine my stomach."
Sarah Jane decided to join Slimming World in January last year and weighed in at 18st 11lbs on her first night.
"I am embarrassed about my weight that I didn't feel I could visit the group by myself, and so i encouraged my cousin Suzanne in the future with me for support.
"I had visions from the Consultant telling everyone how much I weighed, but of course that did not happen.
"My Consultant Tracy am welcoming and everyone was really friendly they soon put me at ease."
She was amazed when she heard about Slimming World's Food Optimising eating plan from Tracy.
Sarah Jane says she couldn't believe how much healthy food choices she could eat and still slim down.
Sarah Jane revealed: "When a number of my friends saw how much food I was eating in my first week they didn't believe that I would lose any weight, however i lost 8lbs within my first week.
She lost 6st 4lbs, dropping from a size 22 to a 12, in only nine months. She states that she didn't be prepared to lose weight as soon as she did.
Sarah Jane added: "I never imagined that I would lose 6 stone in nine months, I hoped to get rid of 3 stone each year and that I would eventually in two years or three reach my target." In September 2013, she received her 6st weight reduction award and got another surprise too when she learned that she was pregnant - and she or he was within the moon.
Sarah Jane revealed: "I couldn't accept is as true, not only did I have the new figure I always imagined, i was finally starting the household we longed for too."
She added she did worry that they might fall back into old habits while she was pregnant, so she was determined to carry on attending her group and her doctor agreed. Slimming World did in partnership with the Royal College of Midwives to build up its programme to support pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Throughout her pregnancy Sarah Jane continued to go to Slimming World to keep up her new healthy habits.
But Sarah Jane a break down tragic lack of her cousin Suzanne who passed away in the last a month of her pregnancy.
She said: "I was devastated. She wasn't only my cousin but my mate and she'd had the experience since the beginning of my weight reduction journey encouraging me to shed weight - i was one another's motivation." Determined not to allow her to cousin down, Sarah Jane committed herself for you to 2 Day Diet get back on track soon after the birth of her healthy 8lb 10oz choosing Darren.
She said: "I found it challenging back to a routine and that i did struggle - I suppose it's expected of new mums.
"Now that he is a little older I have set times as well as an easier routine and i am confident I'll get back to where I wish to be.
"I'm only 1lb from my 6st weight loss again now."


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