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The largest misconception about quick weight loss is that it is simply "water weight."

It's not.
If what MMA fighters, boxers, wrestlers and other athletes lost truly were just water, that would be one thing. But that is not what's going on here.
On its own, the human body does an incredible quantity of chemistry work, 24/7. When you quickly drop the quantity of weight many of these fighters slim xtreme weight loss pills do -- Ten to fifteen pounds, and frequently more -- you're throwing your body completely out of whack. That puts excessive force on virtually every system within your body. Your kidneys take the brunt of it. Meanwhile, your mind, lungs and merely about almost every other organ are all impacted by the rapid decrease in bodily fluids and calories consumed (the lungs, for instance, are roughly 85 percent water). For example, when heatstroke is suspected as a reason for death, autopsy tests demonstrate that even the insides from the eyeballs are dehydrated!
If you drop 6 % or more of your body weight inside a short amount of time, you're negatively affecting the way electrolytes and nutrients are getting into and being processed from your body. With females fighters, particularly, this sort of dangerous weight reduction could seriously affect their alteration in hormones and menstrual period. That's a common problem with a few female endurance athletes who demonstrate irregular periods, and there are even some cases where women are afflicted by amenorrhea -- complete insufficient a menstrual cycle.
In a sport for example MMA, it's especially worrisome to listen to that athletes are cutting much weight in such a short amount of time. Studies show that if athletes lose as little as 2 percent of the bodyweight, which is quite easy to do for competitive athletes, cognitive sharpness and concentrate start to deteriorate. Increasing the probability of mental errors due to dehydration is the last thing a fighter needs. The slowing down of the cranial "hard drive" is really a dangerous scenario for MMA fighters getting in a cage to punch one another hard! Many within the sports medicine world wonder whether there's a link between dehydration and also the severity of concussions.
And what about the common avoid fighters that they weigh within the previous day, then rehydrate within the 24 hours before a fight? You may be in a position to "pack the pounds back on," according to the scale. But they are you completely normalizing your bodily systems in that time? I am not buying it. I seriously doubt the body can fully absorb and process the four important elements needing to be replenished (water, sodium, calories and electrolytes) in this short time.
The bottom line is, this kind of weight loss is dangerous. I am not sure what you might do about slim xtreme reviews regulating it. Wrestling's certification process is definitely an interesting option. Wrestlers are weighed prior to the season to establish a baseline for his or her bodies, and weight courses are set through the season in relationship for their initial weigh-in.
After the day, these are professional athletes who are adults. At the minimum, educating them about the dangers will be a great start.


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